Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roughing It

Well, we are half-way through our ABC communities with the sex education material (twelve total).  Whew!  It is getting easier as we go, and we really have to give a shout out to our health promoters for translating during the class.  This past Saturday we went to Las Cuevas and gave the classes to the kids from there and La Palma (about 35 total between the 3 age groups). It was a spectacular drive as the trees there are in autumn mode, which helped the 2 hour ride pass quickly.   The church building was certainly big enough for two simultaneous presentations (boys and girls), but they only had ten chairs and a dirt floor and no electricity.  The kids and parents were very accomodating and stood most of the time, sharing the chair space between kids.  We didn't get to use the projectors, but thankfully our computers had enough battery life to last, and we had the kids sit up close to us to see the screen.  The parents were very attentive and thankful for the presentation, which is always encouraging.  One of the men even spent some time after with the guys teaching and encouraging.  When we give this talk in some of the remote communities, we always wonder if it is going to well-received or even necessary.  But it seems like they are the most thankful and tell us of the concerns they have for their kids.   So, on we go.  We should be done by the end of March.

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