Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 15th of September!

It's Independence Day here in Guatemala and people are serious about their parades! Everything got started last weekend actually, with various school groups making their processions down the main streets of town. We have high schools, junior highs, elementaries, kindergarten and all of the adult education and weekend secondary school classes. So that makes for lots of parades! We got out yesterday and snapped some pictures of the kinder and pre-K kids--pretty cute. Today we went up to town for our walk and forgot the camera--but I'm sure it was like all the other parades! Last night we had dinner with our intern Elaine Brown and Sheri and got to see the running of the torches throughout town proclaiming independence. The runners would go by so fast, it was hard to capture them on the camera.  
So here are some shots for you to enjoy.  Happy Birthday Guatemala! 

 "Ce-le-brate good times!" Evidence of recent fireworks announcing the start of the parade.

Mayor Jose Turquiz and local crowned beauties leading the parade.

 So cute!

Independence Day Girls

"Solidarity and Tolerance"

Las Torchas--teams running through downtown and sometimes from one city to the next announcing independence.

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