Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy day

Well today was crazy busy at clinic.  Thankfully we had our PA intern Elaine Brown with us and also Jennifer Hoines a local missionary PT.  We had the usual diabetic followups and aches and pains and acute illnesses, but then saw a man with probable kidney failure and severe anemia. I think we finally convinced him to go to the hospital for a work up and a blood transfusion.  Then one of our prenatal patients a 45 year old lady in the last month of her 10th pregnancy came in pre-eclamptic with severe headache and a blood pressure of 190/100.  I tried and tried to get her to go in to the ER today, but she insisted that she needed to wait for her husband to return from the capital tonight and would go in tomorrow.  I even talked to the husband, but they felt like they could wait a little longer despite the risk of seizures and death. So, we'll see.  She said she would bring the baby next time for a visit.....On the sunnier side,  Elaine saw an asthma kid with an exacerbation probably from the RSV virus going around, and he responded very nicely to his breathing treatments--that was a happy customer when he left. 
Right now I'm waiting for Kemmel to come home from his meeting with the church at Mactzul VI.  They are changing coordinators for their ABC program due to some complaints against the current ones.  We always leave this up to the church to choose their own coordinators, but they asked Kemmel to come sit in on the meeting.  Kemmel decided it would be wise to take Manuel Sut with him since he is the coordinator in the church in Paxot II. Manuel decided it would be good to take Juan Riquiac the other ABC coordinator in Paxot for backup as well! So hopefully things are going peacefully!
Always exciting!

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