Friday, December 3, 2010

Our week has been flying by.  We started with an end-of-the-year meeting and family get together with our staff here at our house on Tuesday.  Thankfully we had lots of sun as we enjoyed the backyard.  Our choice of cookout fare was hamburgers and corndogs with pasta salad, pineapple (good one, Sheri!) and chips and followed up with ice cream cones that the Lux family brought us.  We thought the corndogs would be a hit, especially given the love affair in this country with the hot dog and all things corn.  Let's just say that it was a little too foreign a flavor sensation for most taste buds present.  But a good time was had by all we think.

Wednesday Sheri, Gaspar, Juan, Marcos and Martina and I (Lisa) went to Xeabaj, a new site for us. This is a town where one of our cleft lip patients lives, and they had been wanting us to have clinic there for some time.  This is a great town to start a regular clinic, if we can get some collaboration from a nearby church to do evangelism.  The area is not as evangelised as the other areas we serve, and we saw many patients that did not claim any church fellowship. So, we are praying about moving ahead in that direction, and hope to get some interest from nearby churches to help out.

Today, we did some pick up and delivery of several furniture items as gifts for the ABC kids who have earned prizes this year.  We drove around the capital ending up in Zone 3 which is apparently the unfinished furniture district evidenced by undending display of curbside furniture for about 4 square blocks.  We drove around the block from where the "showroom" was to pick up our 10 dressers and 2 bookshelves at another house. As we waited for the young kid to bring out our merchandise, we were serenaded by Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree, Mus-ac style, streaming from the neighbor's place--a drug rehabilitation service called "The Carpenter's Son".  

We made it back and are now chilling and about to have meaball soup and sourdough bread for dinner--yum!  It's been a good week.

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AuntieAimee said...

And I thought everybody liked corn dogs! Who knew? I think that's a great idea to give furniture as prizes. I bet the kids & families will love it!