Sunday, December 19, 2010

ABC Water Filters

We have been focusing on nutritional education with the children in the ABC Sponsorship program this year with some great classes in the month of November (see Sheri's post on education  Also, this year we started offering water filters for our patients and others who are interested at cost.  Since we have been so impressed with the water filters and we are very interested in providing clean sources of water to the children in the program, we are promoting a program to provide water filters to the ABC families. 

Water is accessible, just not necessarily clean of all bacteria and most importantly amoebas, so these water filters provide a very cost effective, pratical and quick way to provide clean drinking water to families.

These water filters are made available by Helps International (, a development aide organization in Guatemala who has also developed a smokeless stove and made them available for other organizations and individuals at affordable prices.  Prior to offering the filters we have tried it for around a year now and have not gotten sick, so if a north american with a weaker stomach can make it with no sickness, then we know it is good.  :)  These filters use a ceramic purification element that only has to be replaced every year as long as it is maintained correctly. 

Here is a brochure regarding the program.  For more information about the ABC Child sponsorship program, please see or feel free to contact us as we see first hand the success of the program.

Please watch for more information regarding the positive results of the ABC program in the area of keeping kids in school and furthering their education.

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