Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We spent the weekend in Guatemala City, trying to knock out some errands and get in some sushi!  One of the errands was hand delivering my petition for credit for continuing education I earned in the States--they will honor them here, but you have to send a letter (and make sure it's received!).  That turned out to be a pretty quick trip down to Zone 1 (or downtown) Guatemala City.  Then we headed over to the International Bible Society to check on any special deals.  We picked up 4 boxes of Reina Valera Bibles at a good rate, just in time for tent meeting season.  They had a lot of resources there and even a reading area for kids.  One of our dreams is to have a Resource Room/Library here in our area where people can come and check out books and supplies and print out class material at cost.  We keep getting more ideas about how to make it user friendly and inviting.
Finally we worked our way over to the HELPS International office to buy some more ONeil WATER FILTERS.  These filters store 5 gallons of water and eliminate bacteria, viruses and parasites.   We have been selling them at cost, and little by little word is catching on.  Last week a patient and her husband came in for a consult and he said, "by the way, Dra, I want to thank you for selling my wife the water filter.  We have all been drinking so much water, now that it's easy to have around.  It even tastes better than the bottled stuff!"  We always try to break down the cost savings for them, and most people recognize how much they will save in time, firewood and upset stomachs--not to mention the huge difference if they are buying bottled water.
We rounded out the day with a trip to the grocery stores and picking up a few favorites like sharp cheddar cheese and Pace Picante sauce.  Mmmmmm.....

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