Monday, October 25, 2010

Levi Lisandro Tomas Quino Salvador - Paxot 2

Well, we have not posted any pictures of Juan and Aura and their son Levi.  Many of you know Juan and some know Aura.  Levi was born in towards the end of August.  Juan and Aura are great and Levi is very cute and healthy.

Today we head out to Paxot 2 to join Manuel Sut's family in an engagement party for his sister Maria.  This will be our first engagement party so we will get some up front experience on how the courtship works.  This is kind of the local method of marraige counseling where many of the elders of the church and family meet with the couple and give them suggestions and encouragement for their future life together.  Will be very interesting and a great time to spend in Paxot 2.

We would almost move to Paxot 2 if we knew we would not have someone on the door step all of the time needing something.  :)   That is our US culture coming out, we like our privacy.  :)

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