Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It has rained a little bit for the last couple of afternoons/evenings, which is a welcome sound to us. These sweltering 80 degree days are wearing thin! Actually its just nice to get some relief from all of the dust hanging around. I mentioned the rain to Gaspar today and he said, "Man, I'm not ready for winter (rainy season) yet--I still have to plant my corn and get busy cutting firewood!
We have been hosting an physician's assistant intern this week, Rebekah Daggett. She is settled in and getting the hang of doing the bilingual consult! She is keeping me on my toes (making me look stuff up--before I rattle off any pearls of wisdom!) Today after seeing patients we checked out her Pan-Optic ophthalmoscope--definitely a nifty instrument to have. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year!
Tomorrow we head to Clinica Caris--should be interesting. We have a 60 year old lady coming back with blood work that might help us diagnose her chronic fever and sweats (she admitted that she grew up on a sugar cane finca as a young woman and has had fevers every three days for more than 30 years--possibly untreated malaria).
Kemmel has been getting things ready to assign our summer interns with host families. We have several families offering up their homes, which is encouraging.
I'll post some pictures soon.

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