Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank You Eastside!

The crew at Xepocol
Our Eastside Church of Christ family came to see us this last week and we have been thoroughly spoiled, encouraged, fellowshiped an loved. Our time was spent going to work together each day--getting up early and going to bed late, but we didn't hear a single complaint (inner grumbling may have occured, however!). We did our regularly scheduled clinics, VBS classes for the churches' children and construction projects including new white boards and book cases for the churches.

What a treat to get to share in this work together, helping patients and the churches, but also being blessed by the hospitality and fellowship shared between our Guatemalan and American brothers.

Ted and Jackie Mogey
Thanks to Ted and Jackie Mogey, representing our elders, for loving on us plenty! Jackie worked hard getting patients their vital signs and ready for their consults. Ted was on his knees relentless in his prayer ministry for our patients. We are sure his prayers were powerful and effective.

Allen and Benita Thomas

Kelind Baker and "Little"Allen Thomas

Megan Mackenzie, Bryant Thomas, Craig Thomas and Meghan Reynolds
Thanks to Allen and Benita Tomas for their hard work in organizing this trip and gifting us so many supplies for our lab. They brought several hundred syphillis and HIV tests for us to use in our clinics. They also gifted us by bringing their terrific sons Allen, Bryant and Craig, who we can never get enough of! The personal ministry of these young men was making sure the ladies at the churches didn't see any food left on anyone's plates after lunch! And tortilla counts per meal were well over 15 each!
Besides the Thomas boys, we were also blessed by Kelind Baker and Megan Mackenzie and Meghan Reynolds who spent their last week of summer freedom with us before heading off to be college freshmen. They did a great job working with the kids in the VBS activities and helped out in clinic without grumbling!

Ferne Rea

Thanks to Ferne Rea for coming down and spending time with us. We only wish we had known her better back home. But she was a blessing to us and to our friends' children helping to organize the VBS activities this week. Her life group at church has always generously contributed to the work here. We hope she enjoyed getting to participate on a different level!

John and Mary Muth

Dr. John and Mary Muth were also instrumental in our activities this week. Dr. Muth got to put his GYN and public health background to use lending us a hand in clinic. He even speaks Spanish--a real plus! Thanks to Mary's hard work putting together the children's education program and leaving us with so many nice materials for the local Sunday school teachers. She may not speak Spanish, but she didn't let that stop her. And she can do a mean Hokey-Pokey!

Joe and MaryJo Keuhlen

Joe and MaryJo Keuhlen's first trip outside the U.S. was spent with us--what an honor. They did really well, even learning a few Spanish and K'iche' words along the way. Joe made himself completely available to us in every way--praying with patients (on his knees), helping out on the constructions projects, and putting his plumber hat on and FIXING our stinky sink problem at Clinica Caris! We were so grateful! MaryJo was instrumental in getting us over 5000 toothbrushes and other materials for the dental clinic. She even jumped in and pulled teeth and did cleanings. Great job, rookies!

Baruch and Julie Rhea

Finally but not leastly, we enjoyed getting to see Baruch and Julie Rhea again. They got in one day earlier than the others and lost Baruch's luggage on Mexicana (all of his clothes!) Of course we didn't get it back until they checked back into Mexicana the following Monday! But they were good sports and became very good patrons of the local grocery store which sells underwear and basic clothing items. Julie was so helpful as a translator and working in our patient check in and pharmacy. All of our staff really enjoyed her visit. Baruch blessed us with several small construction projects for our churches and fixed up a new counter top for ME! He even had time to whip out a book case for our house. Thanks guys!
We just want to thank everyone who came down and the church at Eastside for contributing to and supporting this trip. We love you all and are so blessed to be partnered with you in this work!

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Mo&We said...

Thanks for the great pics; it was good to see a photo of you two. Glad all is going well for you. Don't work too hard. Love, Mama