Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Drive in the Country

Today was clinic in Chutzerob, which is always a joy. The brothers and sisters there are very active in their clinic ministry. Today, brother Sipriano wanted to tell us that several members of the surrounding communities have come and thanked him and other church members for the clinic and the attention we all give.
We saw a variety of patients, and when we finished we headed out with two of the elders to see a very ill woman who has been confined to bed for the last 4 months. The ride out was about 45 minutes. She was a 26 year old mother with severe anemia and probably a pelvic infection post partum. We prescribed some medications and labwork and a follow up appointment at our clinic. We then prayed for them and invited them to church as they were attending worship somewhere but couldn't remember the name of it! We pray that God will heal her and that the family will glorify his name.
We took a different way, back thinking that it would be faster, but we ended up wandering and backtracking and trekking our way through the hinterland of Chichicastenango. But, thank the Lord we made it back to well known roads and got everyone dropped off at home. I kept telling my passengers that we were doing good, and they would say "good and lost!" It was quite the adventure and we met lots of nice people who pointed us the way home.

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