Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break Visitors

You've probably noticed the sound of crickets in the night eminating from our blog the last two weeks. Well, we are back. We just finished up two visiting teams of college students from Pepperdine University and Abilene Christian University. They were two great groups of young people (boy do we feel old!). We worshiped with local congregations, ate local fare and hit the back roads on our mobile clinic route. They got to try their hands at vital signs, pharmacy, patient interviewing and even pulled a few teeth, not to mention the children's activities. It was a busy couple of weeks, but we always enjoy meeting fresh new faces and sharing our ministry with them. I especially like listening to new music--and this age group always has an assortment of playlists to share. I even got to listen to Japanese rap last week. Very interesting.....

For more play-by-play action, see Sheri's blog . She has some good coverage of the days' events.
Here are some action shots that we got.

Team Pepperdine at Mactzul I

Kemmel and Tim rigging up the baby scale

Brandon, Taylor, Keri, Shayla, Patrick and Me setting up the consult stations in Xepol

Alex and Drake running the children's activity table

Tomas, Sheri, Keri, Patrick, and Dr. Brian joining me on a postpartum house call

Tomas and Manuela the proud new parents with her mom and dad

Team Pepperdine at Los Cofrades Restaurant

Team ACU at Mactzul VI

Building churches? Kemmel and the guys lending a hand to tear down old walls to prepard for new construction

All in a day's work

Team ACU 2009 at Clinica Caris

Peaceful view of the town of Chichicastenango

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Mo&We said...

It's so good to hear from you again.Good pics; great work.
Love Mama