Thursday, August 2, 2007

We are back!

Well, sorry we have not kept up with our blog while in the US, but it was rather difficult to do. We had a wonderful trip spending time with family, friends and our 2 supporting churches in Colorado Springs and Jackson, Ms. However, we never realized how hard it is be on vacation for a month. Not much in our blood! While we kept busy in many places our workaholic tendencies definetly ate at our souls!

While in the US, Lisa studied alot and took her recertification exam for Family Practice and Kemmel got to play some golf in Colorado Springs and in 115 degree Phoenix heat - hey but golf was cheap! That dry heat aint got nothing on Mazatenango humidity heat.

We came back to Guatemala City on Monday, stayed the night, ran some errands in Guatemala City on Tuesday morning and the headed on to Chichicastenango. We already ran into the 3 times rule - remember if something normally takes 1 hour, here it takes 3 hours - for many reasons including traffic, people, language, and just bad juju. We already miss the nice wide roads of the US - this is probably our most missed item. Here a normal 2.5 hour drive became 4 hours to travel 75 miles.

Our trip back home was uneventful, except delays on the road which we cannot complain about much as it is improve and widen the roads. Sure is easy to whine and complain about it in the meantime though. :) Almost forgot, we came back to a new airport! So those that have been here in the past, you now enter into a pretty nice terminal (although it is still undergoing some construction and probably will for long time).

We were welcomed back by phone calls from some of our coworkers and friends and started back with the clinics on Wednesday. While at clinic on Wednesday, a group of men from another community came to speak to us regarding the possiblity of beginning a clinic ministry in there church. This was very encouraging as 8 men from the community walked about 1-2 hours to come speak to us about how they want to serve in their community. Awesome! or as they would say here - Puro Utz! We had a great conversation, but I did have to tell them we would need to review and could not promise them anything right now but we were definitly interested in the future as we have the ability to grow.

So, if you are a physician, PA, dentist, or nurse reading this, the harvest is plentiful and there are many communities here with little to no access to affordable healthcare. Of course, this would be for most countries, but how many have year around spring like weather! We can hook you up!

Still no photos! Sorry but we do have our camera now and will begin once again with some good photos. Please check our prayer requests for other updates!

God bless!

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