Sunday, June 24, 2007


We made it to the US without any problems and are currently in San Antonio, Texas. The weather has been good to us as it is really fairly cool - we were expecting 95+ and it is in the 80's.

Today we leave for Saltillo, Mexico with our home church in Colorado Springs - Eastside Church of Christ. We have a group of about 30 teenagers and 19 adults and we are heading south to help in the construction of churches. This venture is organized by a man named Rick Owens and is also known as Team Mexico. The program is structured to put ownership in the Mexican churches as they must own and have title to the land, the must assist and they must also share a little bit of the burden of expense. Our church has been doing this for many years and it has always been a great oppurtunity for the teens to see another culture and be a part of something that is different from their normal lives. Please pray for our travels, for a good week of communing with our brothers and sisters in Mexico and that there will be no accidents while working or any other time.

Sorry no pictures again, hopefully we will have pictures on the next one. For pictures and a great God story please see Sheri's blog at

So far we have enjoyed some variety un US food, inlcuding some good mexican food. One of the luxuries of living here is the many different types of food. In Chichicastenango, we have 4-5 "nice" restaurants and the food is good, it is just all exactly the same. Sooo, enjoy the variety here as we will as well! The other luxury we enjoyed was a long hot shower with plenty of water pressure. Nice!!!

Have a good week and thanks for checking in with us.

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