Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally Continued.....

We have multiple posts today, so please be sure to read beginning with June 4.

More photos of students, etc.

This is Megan with her host family of Manuel Sut Gonzales. The students that were here in Chichi went to Chicacao (in the coastal area) yesterday and we moved in with the Sut family for the next couple of weeks.

This is Dylan in his short door and he is more Guatemalan size than anyone.

These are the 12 MET students for 2007 at Clinica Ezell in Montellano.

This is a picture of us with Pedro and Josefa Salvador at the waterfall in Chuchipaca. Pedro is an elder and leader at the church. We finished patients early that day and had enough time for the 30 minute hike to the waterfall. Very beautiful.....

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