Tuesday, March 7, 2017


We have had all kinds of nice visitors around here lately!  First we had Peri Loftis, medical student extraordinaire working with us for one of her medical school rotations.  She will be a great pediatrician one day!
Peri, Teresa and I after a long day.

Then, we were blessed to have time with Kemmel's mom Roberta and brother, Ron here as well.  We got to play tourists in Guatemala City and Antigua, and later Kemmel showed them around Lake Atitlan and Xela for old times' sake.  They enjoyed getting to see places where they had lived before in the 70s and 80s.  Lots has changed! Ron has gone home after a quick trip and Roberta is hanging out with us until the end of this month. We are being pampered!
Kemmel, Roberta and Ron overlooking Guatemala City.

A fun home visit with Roberta's ABC child Jhony and his family.  We enjoyed meeting his new baby sister.

Jhony showing off his new sweatshirt--this week he got to use it when the cold front hit.
Now we have Mike and Julie Kelly with us.  They were missionaries here in Guatemala in the 90s and have come back several times to help us out with clinics.  Mike is a super brainiac doctor who speaks Spanish and Kiche, so he is a hit with the patients.  Julie is a genius at making friends and knowing everyone's name in town.  She puts me to shame when it comes to knowing all the local vendors in market.
Mike and Julie and Nick from last year.  We need a new pic of this super couple!

This weekwe will have our first spring break team of the year, from Harding University's Physician's Assistant program.  It is always a joy to spend time with these folks.  We will get started on our first round of well-child check ups for the ABC program kids. More pictures to follow.

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