Monday, January 30, 2017

The Year is Flying By!

Apparently we are getting old, because it feels like Christmas will be here again before we know it! This month flew by us in record speed, but we caught a couple of moments to share with you.

Our Health Talent's calendar hanging in the consult room.  Our patients get a kick out of seeing local hot spots like the vegetable market here in Chichicastenango.

My view from inside the consult room in Mactzul I.  Usually it's pretty quiet on this side of the building, but that day I finished seeing a patient and opened the door to a community water meeting in full swing.  When I finished, the men were kind to help carry my boxes and exam table to the truck. 

It has been pretty chilly around here lately.  The "55 degrees" is in the house!
It is Back to School season, and we had the privilege of taking Cesybel and her parents Tomas and Maria to Xela to set up her room where she will be staying as she studies at nursing school on scholarship from Health Talents.

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