Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Down to the River

Last week we were invited to a baptism of three people in the Mactzul IV church.  This congregation is new and was established by some members of the church from Mactzul V.  They continue to impress us with their zeal to grow. They would have started with less than 20 people and probably have close to 40 now after 2 years. Some members of this church brought a patient in last February with some serious health issues.  They were concerned for him both physically and spiritually.  Over the following months we were able to get him referred for treatment and the church continued ministering to him and last week he deciding to commit his life to following Christ.  They also had two young folks come forward to identify themselves as followers of Jesus.  It was a great day to see these news brothers and sister start their lives anew!

What a beautiful place to be baptized!  About 1 hour and 15 minutes from Chichi back in the hills, but a small warm water spring.

 3 people for a baptism - Tomas, Josefina and Tomas.  Bigger Tomas looks 
like a whole different person than when he came to clinic.
 Members of the church from Mactzul IV
 Praying before the baptism which was officialed by members from the Mactzul VII church

 Raised into new life!

Bonus - This is a previous ABC student, who had to leave the program to help support the family.  He is now 18 years old, baptized and leading singing in the church.

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