Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January's Highlights

Can you believe a whole month of 2016 has already flown by?  It kind of sneaked up on us! Well here is an update for you to enjoy.

Clinic News
Noe Chan 

Noe working with a patient at her home. Foto credit: Gaspar Chan

Our year has started out on a good note with our mobile clinics back in swing and the addition of Noe Chan as our new physical therapist.  We spent most of January getting him set up with equipment and supplies that he could use here at Clinica Caris and down on the coast at Clinica Ezell.  He will travel between the two sites giving us a week at a time.  The great part is that Noe loves home visits and is keen to get out to areas away from here that don't have access to physical therapy.  We are grateful to Jennifer Hoines at P.T. International/ASELSI Ministries and Shes Rivera for helping Noe get going and for their suggestions and offers of continued training with them.  He is already filling up his schedule quickly, so it confirms the need for these services.

Staff News
Dra. Sara and Martina

We have two coworkers who are on maternity leave.  Martina Sente, one of the dental assistants, had her sweet little boy in January, and Dra. Sara Castellanos is due any day now.  We think it's a girl... So in Dra. Sara's absence, we have the honor of Dr. Mike and Julie Kelly visiting and going out on the road with us.

They are experienced missionaries from times past who decided to work in a couple of trips a year to come help us out.  They are a real blessing to us, and the patients love talking to them in Quiche too!


We have wrapped up all of the ABC year-end celebrations and are happy to report lots of prizes this year for top grades and program points.  There are so many kids and families making good on this opportunity to study through the ABC program.  And the churches are getting more involved and creative now about giving back to their communities with work projects and service days.  It makes our  hearts happy to see kids wanting to help others and looking for ways to show God's love to others.

Patient Notes and Quotes
Maria, a diabetic lady in her 40s came in with blood sugars out of control while taking meds as prescribed.  She reported that her husband is running around on her and still coming back home and won't leave.  She is stressed and suspects that is the reason her sugars won't come down.  She asked if we could pray for her and her situation.  Please keep her in your prayers too.

50+ year old diabetic lady came in and reported feeling so much better and having relief of the burning diabetic neuropathy pain in her feet. I asked what she had been doing differently and said she decided to start walking up and down hills, walking to visit family and not taking the taxis around.  Her family was giving her a hard time saying she needs to rest more, and she told them her doctor recommended it.  They thought she was making that up, so I wrote her a signed and sealed prescription!

15 year old kid named Elvis who came in for an asthma exacerbation.  I asked (half joking) if he had been smoking.  He said, "No, Doctora.  I just got baptized last week!"  Good to hear it!  Brother Elvis is one of my favorites, and it will be fun to have him around for eternity.

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