Monday, October 21, 2013

ABC Birthday Gifts

Each month we deliver ABC gifts to children whose sponsors send in some extra funds.  We normally try to get photos of each of these children but it is not always possible, but this last time we were able to get some photos.

Alicia Josefina

 Alicia Josefina, mom and little brother

Mycol opening the gift


Mycol and his mom.  Mycol is finishing 6th grade and
we have been trying to encourage him to go to middle school
This is Ingrid Mishelle.  Ingrid has a also has a little brother with cerebral palsy.
Sheri, Sara, Mario and Kemmel are heading out to the community of these kids for an annual area-wide church conference that will go for a couple of days with hundreds worshiping together.  Hopefully the rain will stop or it will make it a very long day.

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