Thursday, May 26, 2011

MET 2011

The HTI MET Students for 2011 have arrived!   Each year HTI hosts a Medical Evangelism Training (MET) for students that are interested in medical missions and we accept around 12 students to participate in the various ministries in Guatemala so they can experience mission work in the field.  Lisa and I were in the program way back in 1991 with Dr. Mike Kelly in Quetzaltenango. 

The students arrived on the 14th of May, went to Quetzaltenango for a week of language study, then to Clinica Ezell in Montellano for a few days of medical evangelism orientation and now 6 of them are with us here in Quiche and 6 are in the area of Montellano and we will switch in 2 weeks. The 6 in Quiche are living with families in Paxot II. So far so good, a couple of sick students but that is expected. Getting sick is always a matter of when and not if. :)

Here are some pictures of the students at the homes of the host families.

Amber is with Manuel and Juana and family 

Zach is with Tomas and Cristina and family 

Haleigh is with Juan (canche) and Lucia and family.  Here she is with Lucia.

Abby is with Carlos and Marina and family

Meredith is with Juan and Aura and family.   Here is Meredith with Juan, Levi, Aura and Maria.

Molly is with Gaspar and Juana and family.

Gringo parade as we take the paths to the host families houses.  Good times!

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Alice B. said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures!!!
I am catching up on the Dunhams and your work from the past blog postings.
Kauai is our favorite place in HI!