Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's December

We are having a hard time remembering that it's December and almost Christmas. I played some Christmas music today to try to zap us into reality. Around here December means parties all over town, carnivals for Santo Tomas Day and endless marimba music into the wee hours. We are getting excited about our trip back to Arizona and Texas on the 15th, and it feels like the weeks are both dragging on and racing by.
Today we had clinic in Mactzul I, Sheri and Glenn and Neva and I, while Kemmel made some last minute buys for the ABC celebration on Monday. After clinic we all headed over to Martina's house (one of our teammates) for a great lunch. Her family goes to church with us in Chichi and are having a big fellowship/thanksgiving get together for the whole church on the 16th. She felt sorry for us, that we would be missing it, so they fixed us a special lunch. We drove out to her house riding along the top of a cliff until the road just ended in a corn field and next to their house. We were warmly greeted by her dad Miguel and escorted into the house where Martina, her mom Manuela and all her siblings were waiting for us. They must have been hungry because they quickly led us to a room set up with a table and 5 chairs. Martina's dad took a seat at a sewing table behind us and everyone else started serving the meal. We stuffed ourselves with delicious chicken soup (a rooster, we were informed) and tortillas. After lunch we sat and visited a while and took some group fotos. (Sheri will post some pictures! ) They told us that they considered us family and that we were welcome anytime. They are such a blessing to us and thanked them for their hospitality.

Tomorrow Kemmel and Glenn and all the ABC coordinators head out early to the park to set up for Monday's extravaganza. Pray for everything to go well. We are expecting around 750 people!

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Mo&We said...

We are so glad you have good brethren and good friends to make you feel loved in Guatemala. We are so looking forward to the time you come to the states for Christmas. Congratulations on the ABC Program - what a great job done by all. Love, Mama and Daddy